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Quick and playful way of learning the basics of 6 major world languages

Would you like to learn by using a new methodology and playing a language game? With LA WorldGame, you’re learning your first vocabulary of the six most important world languages: making it possible for you to communicate with 3.5 billion people on a basic level in their mother tongue.

  • Playful learning
  • No boring books
  • Learn 6 world languages
  • Language & Culture
  • From €50,- p.p.

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LA WorldGame language games

At LA WorldGame you use all your senses, you will see, taste, smell, hear and feel the language and the culture. Your emotions are activated positively to support the learning process. Our method is based on learning without opening a book. You learn these six world languages by being entrepreneurial and playful.

For whom?

Anyone can learn the worlds major languages in LA WorldGame. Whether you want to play solely, with your friends or with colleague(s). For businesses and organizations we offer specific arrangements. Breaking the ´world language barrier´: surprise your customer, your supplier or your long distance friend in his mother language!

The Method

Using all your senses

Your senses help to learn faster and more efficient. Most learning processes focus on collecting and organizing information. Only minor attention is given to the processing of this information. Our developed methodology, reference creation, is based on the fact that you are better at remembering and learn easier if your experiences fit in your personal context and feelings.

Business trips

Playing the world languages game in your company?

You want to learn, together with your colleagues, the basics of the world languages? An instructive staff party? We are flexible to specific wishes.

Game Program

Flexible possibilities

The average playing time for LA WorldGame one time is two hours. Whether you prefer to learn the six world languages in one day or in four evenings, it’s up to you. We can easily plan LA WorldGame according to your wishes.