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LA WorldGame can be played with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 48 players, although larger parties may be welcome in the future. The average size of the group is between 20 and 25 participants. The more participants, the better and the more exciting the game is.


A game simulation takes 3 hours. You can participate in all languages in one day or on separate evenings as you wish. The game program can be adjusted to your wishes.


LA WorldGame can be played in almost any context. For example, a classroom, business canteen or in a separate part of a restaurant. Do contact us for the possibilities to adapt to your specific wishes.

Game Program

  • Receipt of the participants
    Each participant receives his name tag in the language of the game simulation, Chinese, Arabic or Hindi. This is to support the recognition and the communication processes between the players. It immediately makes it clear which role you will fill in LA WorldGame. You enter the world of your –new- language, and communication in any other language other than the new language is useless. Because you will find yourself in this new, different world.
  • Taking your seat at the Game boxes
    All participants take their seat according to their specific role. You have received your own role when you enter the location . At the top of each box, there is a specific color, and your role is related to this color. This is an easy way of recognizing and finding your game box.
  • Intro, tasting the culture
    A short video will show that learning by playing is quite a normal, standard situation. You will experience the ambiance and atmosphere, and the major elements of the languages’ culture are shown and explained. You will learn to introduce yourself in a (foreign) language and partake in small talk. A short introduction in family relations and their cultural meaning. Meanwhile you literally taste the foreign languages, due to the related consumptions.
  • Presentation
    During this presentation , what your role you will play in the simulation game will be explained. The very simple rules of LA WorldGame will also be explained, so you can play your role.
  • First round of playing
    During the first round, you will get to know the game. You are learning to communicate in a simple way by using gestures and using the information from the word fan. The word fan helps find some of the most commonly used words and sentences in your new language.
  • Break
    There will be an intermission to let all the newly learned foreign language words settle, to share and reflect on your experiences with the other participants. The second round of LA WorldGame will offer new opportunities. Native speakers will communicate with you and give you feedback.
  • Second play round
    During the second round, you can use your new language in an entrepreneurial way, by using it to communicate..
  • Feedback and evaluation
    During the feedback and evaluation session, your will reflect on your experiences. After this, we will ask you to fill in the evaluation form of the LA WorldGame, because we would also like to learn and improveier leren wij van.
  • Winners ceremony and certificates
    There are several winners! For example, the one who has earned the largest amount of money, but also the one who has the greatest network of relations and, of course, since the goal is to learn a new foreign language, the one who has learned the meaning of greatest number of foreign words. The one who is able to communicate the best in the foreign language is the winner of LA WorldGame. The winner receives the Golden LA WorldGame Tower as a proof of a very successful participation in LA WorldGame and the Edupreneurial Certificate. The other participants receive a similar Edupreneurial Certificate and the LA WorldGame tower.

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