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Roman language

Do you enjoy listening to and perhaps trying to speak Spanish? Spanish, the most commonly spoken languages in the world, is also one of the languages which can be learned with LA WorldGame. Spanish (español) is a Roman language and has it’s origin in Latin, due to the fact that Romans ruled more than 700 years the Iberic peninsula. Nowadays most Spanish speakers are located in Central and South America.

Background: Columbus's language

The discovery of America in 1492 by Columbus was the starting point of the Spanish language to be spread around the world.

Quick facts

  • Spanish is not only spoken in Spain and major parts of Latin America but also on the Fhilippines, in Equatorial Guinea, the Western Sahara, and the southern part of the United States.
  • For 329 million people Spanish is the mother tongue, but also some 170 million people speak Spanish as a second language

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