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Standard Mandarin

Always wanted to learn Chinese? At LA WorldGame you will have the opportunity to learn the standard Mandarin. Mandarin is called Putonghua in China, literally translated to “plain language” or simple language. Standard Mandarin is the official language of countries such as China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Background: The language of the officials.

The Standard Mandarin language is also known to be, what the officials call “Guanhua.” It became the official language of the Chinese capital Beijing in the 20th century and later this official dialect became the standard for the Chinese language wherever it is spoken, which is in accordance to the wishes of the Chinese government.

Quick facts

  • There are over one billion people who speak standard Mandarin.
  • Standard Mandarin belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family.
  • Script: Hanzi
  • Besides an official status in China, Taiwan, Singapore, it is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.
  • Verbs in Mandarin are not conjugated.

Learning Chinese through PowerPoint LA Worldgame

Here you will find a powerpoint presentation about Chinese learning and the CEF A1 level.

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