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Learn Arabic?

Do you want to learn Arabic? That’s possible with LA WorldGame. You will learn Arabic by playing. Reading and writing in Arabic is quite difficult for anybody with an non-Arab background. This is because the writing deviates from the european standards. Moreover  Arabic grammar is different compared to most western languages. The grammar of the Arab language is more extensive. Knowing the alphabet a little bit, makes writing and reading more easily to learn. Arabic is even difficult for Arabs because in text the short vowel are not displayed

Semitic Language

Arabic is spoken by over 240 million people around the world. Spoken across most of the Middle East, North Africa and Horn of Africa, this language belongs to the Semitic family of languages that rely on verbs made up of three consonants as the basic building blocks from which other elements of the language are derived, following a regular set of word patterns.



Arabic is written from right to left in contrast to the Dutch or the English language. The Arabic script evolved from the Nabataean Aramaic script which originally had fewer consonants but in 7th century new Arabic letter were created adding dots to the existing Aramaic letters. Containing 28 letters, much of the historic mathematical, philosophical and astrological  work had been written in Arabic.

Sixth language United Nations

In 1973, Arabic was officially recognized by the United Nations as a quantitative, political, cultural and religious meaning of the language. In addition to Arabic, Mandarin, English, Russian, French and Spanish is considered the language of the United Nations. Arabic is the sixth language of the United Nations.

Quick facts

  • Arabic is spoken in Egypt, Algeria, Bahrein, Djibouti, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries.
  • Arabic script is used to write other languages such as Kurdish, Urdu, Turkish and Persian.
  • Though written from right to left, numerals are written from left to right.
  • 240 million people speak  Arabic all over the world.

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