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Where can you play the LA WorldGame?

LA WorldGame can be played at almost any indoor location, may that be in a company or at an academic facility. We tend to reinforce appropriate location by adding the cultural elements to the language learning and the simulation game processes. For example, learning Chinese is much more fun at a Chinese restaurant while enjoying a Chinese meal with a Chinese atmosphere. Because we believe learning a language can be stimulated by engaging all the senses (sight, taste, hear, smell and feel) and cultural atmosphere through reference creation list.


What sort of schedule is followed when a game is played during afternoons or evenings?

The average duration of a single game session is approximately 2 hours. The program generally follows the following schedule of activities.

  • Receiving of the guests and participants, name-badges are distributed in the language to be learnt.
  • Game boxes for the simulation game are handed out to the participants according to their roles.
  • Initial test (not mandatory, but a good benchmark to be used later).
  • The presentations about language and culture is often accompanied by tasting of typical food and/or drinks belonging to the culture of the language. But things like family relationships, ways of greeting each other, word pronunciations, and tones, and in some cases meaning and pronunciation of your names, gestures and sign language, do’s and dont’s in the culture of the country are also part of the agenda.
  • Presentation and explanation of the simulation game in which participants interact using the words they learnt in the previous activity. A brief explanation of the purpose of the game, contents of the Game boxes and the roles is presented. Of course the rules of the games are explained in this section as well.
  • Start of the simulation game and use of the “Wordfan,” that contains important words and phrases (learnt so far) that participants utilize to interact and practice while fulfilling their game roles.
  • Final test.
  • Handing out of the awards and certificates
  • Closing presentation: Emphasize on the “Benefit Beyond Need” of learning the basics of any other language.
  • After the presentation, game box contents are returned.
  • Acknowledgements and official closing.

How many words can be learnt in one session?

As for the language games played so far, participants on average learnt between 15 to 23 words of an entirely new foreign language, such as Chinese, Hindi and Korean.


Can other languages also be learnt ?

Yes its is also possible to learn French, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Fries, and Grunnegs. for more information or special requests please visit LA Game .


What does LA WorldGame cost?

You can play LA WorldGame starting € 50 per person, per session. Game in more than one languages can be played for the same price if played back to back on the same day.


How many participants can play the LAWorldGame per session?

It is possible to play the LAWorldGame with a minimum of 8 through maximum of 48 particpants.  Larger the number of participants, more interesting the language learning and simulation game. Finally it’s all about communication and more people simply means more opportunity to communicate in the newly learnt language.